Rules for Combined Driving – Penalties on the Marathon Course Article 964

  1. Whips

Whips, if carried, may only be used by the athlete. Failure to comply will incur 20 penalties

2. Error of Course

If an athlete fails to pass through a compulsory turning flag (CTF) in the designated sequence, he may return to the point of error and drive the CTF, provided he has not driven the following CTF or the next obstacle. An athlete who fails to pass through a CTF in the published sequence and direction will be eliminated.


3. Deviation from the Course

3.1 Athletes must not deviate from the track for the last 300m of section B. Athletes who stop, circle, zig-zag or leave the track in any other way will incur 10 penalties for each occurrence

3.2 Exception See Article 960.6.1 – in summary where the last obstacle is within 300m of the finish, the athelete may stop within 30m of the out gate of the obstacle to repair broken or detached harness without penalty. This 30m shall be indicated by a marker.


4. Incorrect Pace

Should one or more horses break into a canter within the last 300m before the finish of section B and this is not corrected within 5 seconds, the athlete will incur one penalty for every occurrence. If the break continues, the athlete will incur one penalty for every additional completed period of 5 seconds.


5. Dismounting

5.1 Outside the obstacles in section B, grooms and athletes are not allowed to dismount unless the carriage is stationary. If the carriage is not stationary, either or both groom(s) dismounting will incur 5 penalties; the athlete dismounting will incur 20 penalties.

5.2 The athlete and all grooms must be on the carriage as it crosses the start and finish line and passes through the compulsory turning flags in each section. Failure to do so incurs 5 penalty points for grooms and 20 penalty points for the athlete on each occassion

5.3 In exceptional circumstances, if warranted due to the condition of the terrain or weather, the Technical Delegate and the President of the Jury may permit grooms in competitions for ponies and single horses to run behind their carriage on designated parts of the course


6. Stopping

6.1 Athletes may stop for repairs to carriages or harness or for any reason beyond the athlete’s control anywhere on the course other than while negotiating an obstacle, without incurring penalties, other than loss of time except as in Article 960.6.1 which refers to the last 300m

6.2 Athletes will incur 1 penalty point for each commenced 10 seconds that they remain stopped on the course in section B for any other reason

6.3 If an obstacle is situated within 300m of the finish line, an athlete is allowed to stop to carry out necessary repairs to the harness or carriage without penalty as long as he/she stops within the signed 30m after leaving the obstacle. Stopping for any other reason between the last obstacle or the 300m sign, whichever is closer to the finish line in section B, will incur 10 penalties for each occurrence.


7. Damaged Carriage/Harness

7.1 At the finish of section B any missing or disconnected trace, pole strap or reins will incur 10 penalties for each occurrence

7.2 At the finish of section B a broken or disconnected pole or shaft or bit will incur elimination

7.3 Carriages must pass the finish of section B drawn by the number of horses required for its class and on the designated number of wheels. Failure to comply will incur elimintation. Broken or missing tyres are acceptable.

7.4 If the carriage overturns (on the course or in an obstacle), the penalty is elimination


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