Event Structure


The introductory level for combined driving is the Grassroots.

This generally takes place over 1 day, having all three phases found in the higher level events.

Dressage is carried out first – Pre Novice 2008

This is usually followed immediately by cones consisting of a maximum of 15 pairs of cones set at 165cm and a speed of 210m/min

Following a rest, usually lunch, the marathon takes place with a short drive out and up to 6 obstacles. There may be 1 – 3 sections and gates in the obstacles may only go up to E

Before taking part in a grassroots event you will need to complete a competency form. This will be supplied by your local driving club and can usually be completed by a BC judge, UKCC instructor, LHHI, or a driver who has competed at Open level for some years.

Progession from Grassroots would be to Club Novice

Please refer to our section on Driving Clubs and Societies to find a club near you.


Club Level

Class Structure:

  • Leisure
  • Young Driver
  • Novice
  • Open
  • Pairs
  • Muliples

The Leisure class is aimed at driver’s who for whatever reason do not want to complete the entire marathon or a difficult dressage test. This may be an experienced driver bringing out a young horse or pony or one which has recovered from injury or is not as fit as is required for the open class.

The Young driver class is as it says on the tin, it’s for young drivers. What constitutes a young driver may vary from one club to another.

The Novice class is the first rung for driver’s stepping up from grass roots. There is a shorter marathon course and a simpler dressage test than that performed in the other classes.

The Open, Pairs and Multiples all complete the full marathon. Further competency certification is likely to be required for a single driver stepping up to multiples.

Leisure, Young Driver and Novice – Dressage Novice Test

Open, Pairs and Multiples – Dressage Test 1B

Competitors wishing to progress from Club Novice to National Novice Qualifiers must fill out a BC Competence Certificate. This is also applicable to those wishing to take a multiple to a National Event

Example of a club obstacle driven by our very experienced Open National level pony, Farchynys Ffantasi


Before taking part in a Regional or National event a BC Competence Certificate must be filled out.


Dressage – BC Novice

Cones – 20gates 165cm at a speed of 220m/min

Marathon – 3 sections over a minimum of 12km containing 6-8 obstacles



Dressage – BC 1A

Cones – 20gates 165cm at a speed of 230m/min

Marathon – 3 sections over a minimum of 12km containing 6-8 obstacles


Open Singles & Pairs:

Dressage –

Cones –

Marathon –




British Carriage Driving have a nice flowchart explaining the class progression

Class Structure



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